What is Solid Surface?

The heart of a Solid Surface is that bundle of properties that makes a unique product. These are called "performance characteristics". Some performance characteristics that Arketique shares with other Solid Surfaces are:

It's Solid: The sheet or shape must be "homogenous" this means the colour or pattern must be absolutely consistent throughout the thickness of the product.

It's Durable: Some of the oldest Solid Surface installation has been around for over 30 years and would certainly support this summary. Given the knowledge available today on the chemical composition of Solid Surfaces, it would not be too far fetched to expect the product to last for a considerably longer period of time than this.

It's Non-Porous: The unique composition of the Solid Surfaces makes them impervious to the growth of Mould, Mildew and Bacteria and as such, they are unaffected with staining from most Industrial and Household staining agents.

It's Fire Resistant: Most Solid Surfaces are manufactured to be Fire Retardant or Fire Resistant. Some Arketique colours are manufactured for a specific market requirement and are not necessarily fire resistant, (as this involves only a minimal colour range, further information will be available on request).

Arketique Solid Surface is made in Australia, created from many years research using unique system.Deep dimensional colours and homogeneous patterns.

Arketique Solid Surface can be cut, routered, drilled, sanded, polished and thermoformed. Fabrication is similiar to timber fabrication, cabinet making, joinery. Seamless jointing methodes using matching jointing compound.