Arketique Solid Surface - Proroduct - Translucent.


Translucent colours derived from solid colours. Varying degrees of translucence. Backlighting with Fluro, Halogen, Neon or LED.

Arketique Solid Surface comes in the following sizes:

ThicknessMaximum Sheet SizeWeight Approx.Thermo Formable
6 mm3620 x 1220 mm30 kgyes
10 mm3620 x 1220 mm50 kgyes
13 mm3620 x 1220 mm60 kgyes
20 mm3620 x 1220 mm95 kgyes
25 mm3620 x 1220 mm100 kgyes
30 mm3500 x 920 mm100 kgyes

Sheets can be ordered to any size smaller than the above messurements to elliminate offcuts.