Arketique Solid Surface - Proroduct - Metal.


The Metal finsh is dense and solid throughout the thickness of the Panel. The Surface behaves like the Metal it represents, i.e. You can introduce rust to Iron and Patina to Copper, Brass and Bronze.

The Metal Solid Surface can be cut and machined as any other Solid Surface. Metal Solid Surface can be joined seamless to any other Solid Surface.

Arketique Solid Surface comes in the following sizes:

ThicknessMaximum Sheet SizeThermo Formable
6 mm3620 x 1220 mmyes
10 mm3620 x 1220 mmyes
13 mm3620 x 1220 mmyes
20 mm3620 x 1220 mmyes
25 mmcheck with Arketiqueyes
30 mmcheck with Arketiqueyes

Sheets can be ordered to any size smaller than the above messurements to elliminate offcuts.